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Client Care

At Appleby Healy Law Firm, we are committed to our estate planning clients.

That’s why we offer our Client Care Program at an affordable price. While other law firms charge over a thousand dollars annually for similar services, we only charge $50 per year. We keep our fees low to make our services more accessible.

About Our Client Care Program

Our safekeeping service allows us to store your estate planning documents on your behalf. We keep them secure, and if you need a copy (digital or paper) we will provide them to you free of charge. Why is this a valuable service? If your estate plan cannot be found at the time of your passing, or if it has been destroyed, your estate will enter probate. Probate is a legal process wherein the state determines the dispersal of assets. By storing your estate planning documents with our law firm, you are ensuring that your wishes are honored.

Our review service allows us to inform you of important legal developments that might affect your estate plan. If your estate plan requires updates, you will receive a discount.

How Does The Client Care Program Membership Work?

  • Your documents will be securely stored and made available to you upon request.
  • A 10% discount on all future estate planning services.
  • An annual letter with estate planning information and other important updates on changes in litigation that may affect your estate plan.
  • An invitation for you and a guest to our annual, complimentary estate planning seminar/meal.
  • Reasonable phone access to our estate planning group.

Register For An Upcoming Client Care Program Seminar

To make a reservation:

  1. Select the location where you would like to attend an event from the list below. Click the name of that location.
  2. A new page will open up.
  3. Select the date that works best for you and enter your information. You will receive a confirmation email.
Please note that if you do not pay your Client Care Program fee prior to the event, you will not be able to attend the event.

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