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Estate Planning & Trust Videos

We want you to have access to resources that will help you make an informed decision. Watch our educational videos and learn how we can help you. Estate planning, creating a will, building a family trust, and getting power of attorney are all legal issues important for your family. Our team is experienced in dealing with trusts, wills, the probate process, and all other issues that arise during a difficult time in your family’s life.

Appleby Healy – What If

Appleby Healy – Estate Planning Commercial New

Appleby Healy – Trusts Pros

Appleby Healy – Estate Planning Pros Part 1 of 2

Appleby Healy – Estate Planning Pros Part 2 of 2

Appleby Healy – Power of Attorney

Appleby Healy – SEQ 1

Appleby Healy – SEQ 2

Appleby Healy – SEQ 3

Appleby Healy – SEQ 4