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The Importance of a Professional and Personal Legal Aid

The Importance of a Professional and Personal Legal Aid

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Professional and Personal Legal Aid When You Need It Most.

Legal aid is a term many of us associate with being in trouble, but there are many other difficult situations where seeking the help of a law firm isn’t the first thing you think of.

When we lose a beloved family member, or find ourselves caring for someone close who can no longer take care of themselves, we think first of them, and not of lawyers and the legal implications. These are often unexpected circumstances that most people wouldn’t think required a legal aid. However, these situations can soon becoming overwhelming in just how much jargon and complicated contractual language there is to get through.

When someone finds themselves caring for, or even saying goodbye to a loved one, it can be difficult to think of the legal challenges that will inevitably follow. It can even make some consider what they plan to leave behind when their time comes. With emotions running high and many other daily hurdles to overcome, the idea of sorting through estates, wills, trusts and much more can certainly be overwhelming.

This is where legal aid can be vital in making the process that much smoother and making sure that you’re able to focus on what’s most important to you and your family, without getting tied up in red tape.

This may be ensuring a will is properly written according to legal requirements, sorting through what someone may have left behind, or what you may be responsible for as a legal guardian of someone now facing disability. The legal aid that you receive will take the stress away from you and your family, making things that much easier and seeing to it that there are no more obstacles further down the road.

Finding a team of experts who you can trust to make sure your loved one, their estate or even your own will is well taken care of gives a tremendous peace of mind when facing some of life’s toughest situations. It’s important to think about finding a team of experts who are not only professional and knowledgeable but supportive and understanding.

Why Choose Appleby Healy for Legal Aid?

We here at Appleby Healy Attorneys at Law have over a hundred years of experience in providing people in our community with legal aid through complex, challenging times. We know how important it is to our clients to have a legal team who they can trust to not only be professional and confidential but sensitive and understanding when you need it most. Having experts in probate and guardianship means that we can take care of the fine print while you take care of your family.

Our team is made up of Missouri natives with over 60 years of combined experience. Meaning they have a deeply ingrained understanding not only of specific state law but of the community we all share and its people. This means you can be sure we understand your needs.

You don’t have to struggle alone in sorting through the legal implications of caring for those closest to you, whatever the circumstances. Contact Appleby Healy Law today to talk to us about what you need and for questions about our legal aid services.

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